Friday, September 28, 2007

Learn About the Legal Ways to Stop Paying for Your Mobile Phone Calls

Have you ever received a phone bill and after opening it you are shocked because the bill turned out to be way more than you expected it to be and it ate a big chunk out of your budget? Well, if you have there are ways around ensuring that it never happens again, and if you have never been in this situation before this article will teach you the simple steps to ensure that this heinous experience never happens to you.

Many mobile phone providers offer amazing contracts which provides us with free minutes or texts or a combination of both. Most of us select these price plans because we feel the cost of the line rental is justified and the free minutes or text or combination of both are sufficient enough to meet our needs. At times this is not always the case. The reason why this tends to occur can be because some of us tend to go over the free allowance provided by the mobile phone company, thus run up huge bills.

There is a way which this can be avoided, and this is by monitoring our usage. This can be done by activating the call minder which will provide us with the duration which we have spent on the phone. This feature is available on most phones and you can consult the phone manual to activate this feature. You may also want to activate the text counter on the phone. This feature provides you with the number of text which you have sent.

These features can be monitored on a daily or weekly basis. Using this feature will enable you to ensure that you never exceed your free allowance and if you do you can budget effectively. I have provided many more tips on my blog on ways to ensure that you are able to get the best deal on a mobile phone and also a check list to read to ensure that you choose the contract which is right for you.

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